Snack Box: Interrupted

17 Sep

I got some very sad news at daycare pick-up the other day.

My daycare provider, who picks my daughter up from school three days per week, informed me that she needs a new lunch box.

Turns out her Planet Box was just too heavy for a kindergartener to carry around and her teacher had mentioned to the sitter that she’ll need a new one as the children are responsible for carrying their own backpacks.

Obviously I was extremely disappointed. My Planet Box has helped me stay pretty darn Paleo in spite of a gruelling academic schedule over the past 12 months. I was hoping it would be just as successful for my daughter.

But…onward and upward.

I have decided to give plastic Bento-style lunch boxes a try for the year, and we’ll try the Planet Box again next year when my daughter is a year older and that much stronger!

After much research and debate, I have decided to order the Laptop Lunches Bento Box. I will report back once it arrives and my daughter tries it out for a few days. And, of course, I’ll post pics of her Laptop Lunches!

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