Kindergarten Snack Box 1: All Her Faves

5 Sep

The day is here. She starts Junior Kindergarten tomorrow at 8:45am.

In Canada, there is a NUT FREE policy at the schools, which makes packing a filling Paleo lunch box challenging. However, since she is only in half-day school this year and next, the school asks that we pack them a snack, rather than a full lunch. So my kiddie lunch boxes this year will all be SNACK BOXES. My adult boxes will still be LUNCH BOXES. I start back next Monday and I have a few ideas for this year’s boxes with KEEP IT SIMPLE as my motto for the year :).

Snack Box Contents:

This Snack Box was inspired by a picture out of Sarah Fragoso’s children’s book Paleo Pals. My daughter was flipping through the book this morning while I was packing her bag up and insisted that her first lunch box look like the one in the recipe section of Paleo Pals :).

Lunch Box Contents:

Hard-boiled egg
Purple Carrots – my daughter HATES carrots; she LOVES purple carrots (which taste EXACTLY the same). I suspect it will be a long carrot-free winter as the purple ones seem to only be available at the Farmers’ Market, which ends in October.
Baby Cucumber (I’m not a lazy mom who didn’t want to slice the cucumber, she likes to eat them whole)
Apples & Raisins

As you can see, this isn’t a terribly filling box. However, school is only 2.5 hours long and she’ll have lunch at her home care shortly after school, so this box provides her with snack options that are tasty and appealing enough to her that she can snack on stuff in her box throughout the day. And it’s nut free!

Happy Back to School!

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