First Kids Lunch Box: Nothing But Basics

1 Jul

Well, the day has come! My 3.5 year-old is starting her first session of summer camp. It will be a little bit scary (no naps at camp!), but a great ‘trial run’ for when she starts school in September. And it will be our first time sending her out for the day with a packed lunch (her daycare provides lunches). 

So….here is her first lunch box. We try to feed our daughter Paleo, but have had trouble getting buy-in from others in her life, so we allow rice crackers as a bit of a compromise. What I love about the Planet Box lunch boxes that she and I both use is that they come with adorable magnetic ‘decorations’, which also allowed me to note that she is GLUTEN FREE for her camp counsellors, in case any of the children share food…hopefully it’s a helpful reminder (and it makes me feel better!).



Lunch Box Contents:

Hard-boiled eggs (cut in half because sometimes she only eats the “white part” ;))
Sugar snap peas (opened for her since she can’t get them open. We call these ‘green candies’ and she has NO idea they aren’t ACTUAL candy!)
Summer sausage slices with rice crackers

Note: ALL contents in this lunch box were purchased from the farmers and producers at our local farmers’ market! Nothing makes me happier than market day, aside from knowing that my kiddo is eating food from people we know personally and trust with our health.  


3 Responses to “First Kids Lunch Box: Nothing But Basics”

  1. glowinggypsy July 16, 2012 at 3:05 pm #

    I must say this has really helped me with my hubby’s lunches. It was sandwhich, chips, fruit, and beef jerkey, and nuts for him; now I feel like there has been a light shown in! haha. Just need to change a few things around, think I was “over-thinking” the whole lunch thing!

    • mypaleolunchboxes August 12, 2012 at 11:05 pm #

      I’m so happy that the lunch boxes have helped! I plan to start posting more regularly come fall when my daughter starts school. I’ll be doing TWO lunch boxes per day instead of just one!! That’s very kind of you to pack your husband’s lunches for him :). I’m sure he appreciates it a lot!


  1. Kindergarten Snack Box 2: She Did It Herself « My Paleo Lunch Boxes - September 6, 2012

    […] Hard Boiled Egg Whites – today she decided she “doesn’t like the yellow part”, so she peeled the eggs (I sliced them in half) and popped out the yolks (I ate one and shared the other one with the dogs) Strawberries – She even cut the stems off, with my help Baby Cucumber – again, she insists they taste better whole; these baby cucumbers have taken the place of granola bars in our household…they’re not terribly filling (but neither are grain-laden granola bars), but they really are satisfying to crunch away at when water won’t cut it! Rice Crackers & Raisins – for a reminder as to why my mostly-Paleo kid gets rice crackers, read this post  […]

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